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The project is situated near the Danube river, brushing against the historical city centre, which is a short walk away, accessible easily by foot. The unique location and pedestrian access to the old town offers spectacular views of Bratislava landmarks, literally from a front row seat perspective. The project is also directly connected to the largest arterial road of the capital. The residential part of EINPARK will have 110 apartments across an 18-floor building and the lower building will serve as the office part, where 12 000 sqm of office space will be available for rent. 
The whole project will be complimented by a park, with plenty of greenery and a substantial amount of parking space, on underground levels. Our role in the first phase was to design a logo and a design identity for the project. The name EINPARK comes from the connection of two words, which define this project. EIN is taken from the street name Einsteinova, which is one of the most frequented connection routes in Bratislava (number one – from the German EIN). The location of EINPARK makes it the first residential area over the bridge. The word „PARK“ expresses the complexity of the project, a sensible connection of space for residence, office, retail and relaxing. 
We took this fact as the base for creating the logo. The basic building block utilized for the construction of the logo is a square, the surface area of the project. The numeral 1 is subtly placed in the negative space between the pictogram and the name. For a better visual effect, we cut off exactly 1/9 of the square construction of the pictogram, to support the legibility of the „one“. The colour scheme of the logo is derived from the fact that it is a high-rise building, which protrudes into the sky. We chose shades of a sunny summer sky with a gradient into the deep dark blue colour of the night. We had a clear purpose to keep the logo decent and neat. Subsequent design elements used in brand promotion materials and press are naturally placed into the same colour scheme.